The Red Sea Port of Massawa

Massawa is located 60 miles east of Asmara on the Red Sea. The ride takes about 3 hours due to the fact that the road goes from 7700 feet to sea level.  From June through September it is very hot - as high as 110 degrees.  When we were there is September it was about 95 to 100. 

Massawa is in 3 parts - the mainland, Taulud Island and  Massawa Port Island.  There are many hotels on Taulud Island but the island itself is not very interesting for the tourist.  The Dahlak hotel ($15 a night) is located on Taulud Island right by the causeway to Massawa Port Island.  This a good location since Massawa Port Island is the old part of town and is most interesting for the tourist.  The Dahlak hotel also has a boat to Green Island, a small island close by that is good for snorkeling.  Also, at the Dahlak, there is a dock where you can swim from.  After looking at several hotels, I would definitely recommend the Dahlak.  Surprisingly, there are few places to swim in this area and it is very hot.  The Gargussum hotel is located on a beach outside of town.  There doesn't seem to be any snorkeling at this beach.